6 Ways to Make Your Listing Stand Out

In this digital age, it would be a huge mistake to not list your home online. Most home buyers will view online listings when they are beginning their search for a new house, only visiting the homes they liked online. You’ll want to impress viewers because there will be a lot of online competition. Some listings will really stand out to viewers, for obvious or obscure reasons. The following tips are ways you can improve your listing so you, too, can stand out to viewe

  1. Provide the Basic Info You’ll have to provide all the info any interested buyer would want to know. Other listings will have that information and you don’t want interested buyers to be lead astray by your listing. Include square footage, acreage and the number of bedrooms and baths to show how much property you have. Include all the features in your home including outdoor features, eco-friendly features, unique features and any upgrades. A prospective renter could become uninterested in an apartment if it doesn’t have a washer and dryer in unit. You don’t want that apartment hunter to look at other apartments because you left out a crucial piece of information. A prospective buyer might want a pool in the backyard. If there wasn’t one before you moved in but you built one, you’re going to want to get updated photos and a description added to your listing to stay current.

  2. Invest in Professional Photography It’s important to spend a little money on the front end to earn it back in the end. Investing in a professional photographer will help you show your house as if people were standing in your foyer. You will receive higher bids, sell your home faster and appear more professional if you use professional photography. Why You Need Real Estate Photography No matter how professional your photos are, you’ll want to make your home look move-in ready so prospective buyers feel comfortable. This process is called staging. When thinking about staging your home, you could hire a professional or try staging yourself. If you decide to stage your home on your own, you could add new paint, clean and declutter and keep your decor/furnishings simple.

  3. List Your Kitchen Features Kitchens are the first rooms people are interested in when they are shopping for a new home. Many families and housemakers are drawn to the kitchen area as a general space to come together. Because of this, you’ll want to make your your kitchen photos and descriptions are up-to-date. Include the brands of appliances, types of appliances and even models if you know them. Tell your viewers the types of flooring and countertops so they know what they’re getting. It doesn’t hurt to give your prospective buyers a layout of the kitchen as well. They’ll want to know just how many people will fit comfortably in the kitchen and how tight of a squeeze it will be when they cook.

  4. List Your Bathroom Features The second most important room is the master bathroom. Prospective buyers will want to know what type of shower or tub you have and how much room there is in the bathroom. They will want to know what design the bathroom is, what kind of tiles you used and what type of lighting there is. Home buyers also want to know how many bathrooms you have and what each bathroom includes. The number of bathrooms and half bathrooms will allow families to plan for the present and future.

  5. Show Off Your Neighborhood Your neighborhood is just as important as your home. If home buyers have or want children, they’ll want to be in a good school district. Be sure to mention both the public and private schools in your area. They will also want to know that their community is safe, with good neighbors. Include parks, playground and community happenings in your listing to show prospective buyers the possibilities they could have in your neighborhood.

  6. Promote Your Listing To really stand out, you need to hit the right audience. Make sure you are on the right channels for your audience to find you. Promote your listing on different listing websites as well as your own website. Consider putting some of your time into social media management to promote certain listings or draw in different customers. Whatever you do, make sure you listen to your audience and what they want from your listing. When you listen to your audience and respond to their needs, your listing will almost always stand out.