Why You Need a Real Estate Photographer

In any business, you need to listen to what your audience wants. With real estate, your market wants to see photos of the home you’re selling.

With the advancement of social media and news media, the general population loves high-quality photos. These are photos you can’t take with your smartphone. If you want your home to sell fast to the highest bidder, you need a real estate photographer.

  • You’ll Receive Higher Bids

Homes with high-quality photos receive a 47% higher asking price per square foot. You might think that you could get the same reaction with the DSLR accumulating dust in your attic.

However, without the tools from a professional, you’re photos will look just like photos from the newest iPhone. You need a professional to fix distorted photos, include the full room and to find/provide the best lighting.

Homes sell for up to $18,819 more when photographed by a professional photographer. With all the money you’ll make, there’s no reason not to spend a little bit on a professional photographer.

  • Your Home Will Sell Faster

Homes with photos by a professional sell 50% faster than listings without professional photos. You could be in your new home way faster than you thought if you went with a professional photographer.

Jacky Teplitzky, executive vice president of Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate in New York, definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to selling homes. “Good photos will grab people’s attention and help you sell a home,” she said. “Bad pictures will absolutely give you trouble, because you won’t have any calls on it, and nobody will come to see it.”

Be weary of what you put on your listing though. Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at photos and only 20% at the listing description and agent description.

  • Your Online Presence Matters

Buyers look at real estate listings for 20 seconds before scrolling on to the next listing. You will want to make an impression in those 20 seconds so the buyers keep your listing in mind.

Out of all the people who bought homes in the U.S. last year, 80% used the Internet to house hunt. They rated photos as the most useful tool in their search.

Listings with professional photographs garner 61% more online views. When photos are taken without professional photographers, buyers often scroll past them without hesitation.

  • Professionalism In Every Step of the Process

“If an agent’s photos are unprofessional, buyers will associate the agent with being unprofessional,” Rosalind Clarke said. Clarke is a senior sales associate with the Corcoran Group in Palm Beach, Florida.

Keeping your real estate sales in every step of the process requires you to have a professional photographer. Spending a few hundred dollars, in the beginning, can have a big payoff, too.

With professional photography for your listings, agents or sellers will have a larger ROI. The commission on a sale can as much as double when agents use professional photography